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My story.. a human hermit crab

I am a human hermit crab. Most of my days consist of being in dark rooms, quiet sounds. Some day i know this will change but for now it is just how it is.

I am 35 yrs old, have a 6 yr old and a 2 yr old. I can never say “yes” to anything planned, can never schedule a playdate, and if someone sets up a playdate I most likely will not make it. I know it sounds like I look at the glass half empty, but I am just telling the truth. I have Chronic Migraines. If I have a good day I can not predict when it will be or how long it will last. My kiddos are pretty much shut inside the house when home with me…about 80% of the time, because some of my headache triggers are sensitivity to light, sound, rain, hormones, bass sounds, high pitched sounds, pressure systems, dental work, and it goes on as a list that seems endless. I get migraine/tension like headaches about 28 days a month or more at this point.

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I have had aura headaches which affect my vision. Once while driving I could barely see the road or anything else for that matter. I kick myself to this day for being stupid and not calling for help that day. My headaches will stop me in the middle of walking and I have to clothes my eyes and block out sound and motion as well., Grovery store lights make my headaches worse. As you can imagine it is hard to trust myself to go on such a common road trip to the store…the things people seem to not appreciate that they can do with no worries. I celebrate a trip to Walmart that I can take by myself! “normal” days are always to be celebrated!!!

I started getting heasdaches after sports and during hormonal changes in highschool. Then in college they were a bit more often, after college more so, and then after princess Abby was born they got better for a while and started back. Ben was born and oh boy. The night that my precious baby boy was born was the worst migraine in my life! I know once again this was caused by a hormonal change. Since then my headaches went from 8 or so a month to double that and here we are at nearly everyday.

Since moving here to GA it has been very difficult to make and keep friends and playmates for me and the kids. Imagine a friend that if you ever want to see or have a playgroup for the kids, you have to go to their house or they have to cancel because they cannot drive. Not only that but all of the kids have to be quiet while there and play in the dark. Not an easy friend to have to say the least.

My husband is awesome through all of this. He supports me and will pretty much change all his plans if I have a good day just to have that wonderful time back where we can go outside, go to the park, enjoy the kids being loud if they want to!

I dont know what I would do without my mom and my sister here. COUNTLESS times they have come and taken the kids for the day because I am stuck in the dark and their pitter patters cause my head to poundd.

I’m grateful for my friends that have stuck around…I appreciate them more than I could even put into words.

I have a wonderful support network online from family members and friends that I do not see much at all but am thankfully connected by facebook.

What I have tried: physical therapy, chiropractic, neurologist (all of the preventative types used to prevent these plus some migraine treatment meds such as imitrex and finally rescue meds-pain killers), botox, in house stay at headache centers, the headache diet, feverfew and butterbur (these are natural herbal meds that have helped some migrainers), hitachi mushrooms that help a friend, soaking my feet in hot water, ice/cool rags on my head, head pad on my neck….really I try to try whatever is suggested by anyone at this point lol!

What works the best: anti seizure meds seem to be the best preventative…I have 1/2 good days some days up to almost 2 full days last weekend!

What’s next? I have been referred to a couple different doctors by friends and family. These doctors will probably starty by trying a natural approach…I guess we’ll see! I’m excited to try yet another new doctor. I cant say I’m completely optimistic because I do not want to get my hopes up to have them smashed again.

There it is in a nutshell…a big nutshell lol! i am a completely blessed woman with an incredible husband and the cutest sweetest little babies in the world! God is my Rock…i know that I am going through this for a reason… right know only God knows that reason.

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  • Christian Emmanuel V. Mancao
    8 years ago

    hello Sara Jo, I’m Chris a physician who has innovated a manipulation that immediately aborts or stops a migraine headache. A fifteen seconds manipulation will put you in remission for 2 to 10 years. Look me up at Mancao Myotherapy, Dr. Christian Emmanuel Mancao or a similar topic in Immediate Relief of Chronic Pain. It works just like magic! Live begins when your pain ends… God Bless Chris.

  • Christian Emmanuel V. Mancao
    8 years ago

    Hello Teri, I have been in medical practice for 38 years and I still have to see a migrainuer that has not improved with a brief manipulation. It is a pity that millions have to suffer the pain but we call it a “no brainer” as it takes yes – only one second to abort and a 15 second manipulation may give you remissions or pain free episodes ranging from 2 to 10 years. I have been doing this manipulation since 1990 when I was at Desert Storm-Hafr Al Batin, Saudi Arabia. Up to now experts of the field are not sure what is the cause of migraine. From a vasospastic etiology to whatever they have thought of recently. The fact remains – millions suffer from migraines and triptans have side effects that may even cause death. The frequent use of NSAID’s among diabetic patients with migraine may give rise to more frequent complications and may even result in renal failure. Migraine starts as tightness and discomfort at the base of the neck rapidly progressing to involve either one side of the head or globally. IT is just a 13kg. thrust angled at45 degrees at the lateral side of the neck directed downward and anteriorly at 20 to 30degrees. Yes, just one second and see a Jeckyl and Hyde transformation. From the monster in pain to a smiling and relaxed patient. Cheers… let the others have the Nobel Prize my concern is just those whom I can touch and change their lives for the better. Doc Chris

  • Teri Robert
    8 years ago

    I looked up your web site. First of all, Migraines are not headaches. Migraine is a genetic neurological disease marked by episodes more accurately called Migraine attacks. A Migraine can occur with NO headache. Secondly, contrary to what your web site says, Migraines aren’t muscular. If Migraines were so easy to treat, we’d all know about this, and you’d have won a Nobel prize. Magic? I think not.

  • Kathy Jo Horton Bishop
    8 years ago

    I so understand I’ve had migraines forever since I was 5 just not as bad or frequent as they are now..nothing works for very long or makes em worse…I gave up my fight in 2008 when I could no longer work and was forced to spend 1 1/2 -2 years fighting for social security…I have 2 teen daughters…I too have tried preventatives and rescue meds I am now trying tramadol so far not much to say..stay in there girl and pray and try checking into biofeedback it’s costly and most insurances don’t cover but it can take a little of the edge off…my youngest daughter has had wonderful results with it and a muscle relaxant called xanaflex tha she takes daily at bedtime..hers were being triggered by a spasm in her upper back and neck just a thought will be praying for you and all of us who are suffering.

  • Holly Lackey
    8 years ago

    I really feel your pain. I have been fighting the migraine battle for 10 years and now have a 17 month old son. I have found one book that has made a huge difference for me. please read it! it is called the 123 heal your headache by dr buchholz, let me know.

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