Trying to make the best of life while dealing with a migraine....

Last updated: October 2018

Hi my name is Tamara, i am a 43yr old woman who suffers monthly with migraines. I started having them when i was about 32. The first time i got one i called my mother and sister, who both also suffer. I actually told them i thought i had a brain tumor . And after having them for over 11 years, it doesn't seem to get easier. I have two children who are 21 and 18. And i must say when they were younger it was harder. But even now when we are planning an event such as a party, vacation or even looking at my work schedule i have to worry about whether or not i am going to have a migraine that day.

I have been keeping a log of my migraines, and they are usually one week before my monthly cycle and also one week after my cycle ends. So now i know that its usually not a good idea to plan things around that time. About 2yrs ago i have found a medication, prescribed by my doctor that works very well. But the medication is not cheap either. But who can risk being without it. So over the years i have been able to schedule things around my migraines. But now with the medication i do fairly well, although there are those migraines that nothing helps but staying in bed and waiting it out.

My daughter now 18 has had some terrible headaches around her monthly cycles as well. I am hoping and praying its not migraines...what a terrible thing to go through. And now my dr tells me , that when your going through menopause that migraines seem to get worse. And yes i can see that happening as well. I am just hoping and praying that once i am through menopause they will go away completely. Migraines...what a terrible thing to have to live with...

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