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Me and My Migraines..

Me and My Migraines..

Migraines began to impact my life on a daily basis after I slipped and fell on a patch of black ice on my concrete driveway while I was carrying my almost two year old son to the car in 1996. I apparently hit the back of my head (I had a big bump to prove it!) and laid unconscious on the ground for about 20 minutes. When I came to, Sam was on top of me crying his poor little head off and I knew something wasn’t right. My head hurt terribly, everything was fuzzy, I was dizzy and very disoriented. And the worst part was I couldn’t remember how I got there.

Somehow I managed to get us inside and call my best friend looking for some help. My friend wasn’t home, but her husband was and God bless him, could tell by my voice that something was very wrong with me. He took us to the hospital right away, where I guess I asked him if he was my husband!

I still don’t, having an exam, having my cloths taken off me and a gown put on or how I got into the wheel chair , let alone being wheeled along to go for the CT. Looking back that is pretty scary. In spite of all that, and my head pain, and normal CT, I was sent home. An X-ray of my neck was never done.

It has been a long, long 14 years, going from doctor to doctor, specialist to specialist, trying many different treatment options including surgery, I am still in pain. During this journey, I have learned to become an educated Migraine patient and advocate, and now have the honor of sharing this information with other Migraineurs so they too, will be a well-educated Migraine patient.

Nancy Harris Bonk

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  • Linda1961
    6 years ago

    My migraines started about 3 years ago. Tryed to pin down any reason for the migraines with no avail. Was it the hysterectomy, a head injury I don’t remember, handed down from my father who suffered horrible cluster headaches when I was a kid? Who knows?

    I couldn’t lay down without the headaches to start. I slept in a recliner for months.

    I was put on every migraine med known to man. I spent 3 months trying to adjust to meds that kept me in a constant stupor. The pain was daily. I was miserable, my family was miserable.

    My family doctor put me on a temporary disability. I was off approximately 4 months. The company I work for and their so called doctors reviewed my records and forced me back to work. Their reason? Migraine is not a diagnosis. I appealed their decision and was awarded an additional month. Thank goodness my neurologist educated these text book doctors of my daily struggle to be pain free and assured them that migraines effected my ability to do my daily work.

    I also have neck problems and was told by both my family doctor and the neurologist that the neck had nothing to do with the headaches. Tests shows arthritis and bulging discs. I still to this day think one has something to do with the other.

    I was sent home with self injectors that DID actually work. My neurologist injected me with a nerve blocker. It has made a world of difference. Do I still have headaches? Yep, but not daily. I have approximately 3 a month.

    I’m so grateful to read that I’m not alone in this journey and reading about other migraineurs trials and tribulations has proved that my “condition” is not all in my head. No pun intended.

    Linda Frantz

  • Nancy Harris Bonk moderator author
    6 years ago

    Hi Linda,

    Thanks so much for sharing your story with us. It’s always good to know that we are not alone, and in fact migraine is NOT all in our head.

    That is wonderful news to hear you’ve found something to reduce the frequency and severity of your migraines!! Here’s to continued success 🙂

  • Ellen Schnakenberg
    8 years ago


    I’m so glad you’ve joined us here and told your story for others to read – thank you. You’re a great Migraine friend and ally.

    Your story illustrates common problems I think aren’t always acknowledged. Physical trauma can occur even in the absence of CT or MRI abnormalities, and who knew? – the neck is actually connected to the head 🙂 Seriously though, you are one of the reasons I have kept treating my own neck issues, and realized they do play a part in my own Migraine and headache problems, when for years I was told it wasn’t possible. I know you’ve fought with this so long, and tried so many things, but you keep on going. You’ve been gracious enough to let us learn as you go, and I know that has changed some lives.

    We are so lucky to have you and your unique insight, as well as the helpful support you are so wonderful at lending. I really am looking forward to seeing you in the forum too.

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