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Is there any hope?

I have suffered with headaches / migraines for ten years, of which cause me to lose my balance for a long period of time, whilst I have migraines a lot I don’t lose my balance all the time. However over the last year I have had 4 attacks that leave me with no balance. The balance problem goes after 14 days but this time I am on day 20 of being dizzy and off balance.

I have started taking sodium valporate which should stop the amount of migraines I am getting, but am told there is nothing they can do to sort the balance problem out, have tried many anti dizziness tablets but none work, will this ever go away?


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  • Ellen Schnakenberg
    8 years ago

    Have you had an evaluation for your balance issues? Have your doctors ever mentioned Meniere’s to you?

  • Daren Halsall
    8 years ago

    I had loss of balance last night just before bed , got up this morning whilst driving my wife to work had a migraine attack only happened once before just taken sumitripitan am in bed eyes are going so catch up later or in a day or two oh no here I go!

  • 8 years ago

    I hope by now you are feeling better, I wanted to reply to your post as I also had terrible vertigo as a result of migraine with aura and was sent to various consultants and told nothing could be done. Then I found a fantastic neurologist who specialized in migraine and gave me topamax (the anti-convulsion drug) whilst migraines can still be debilitating, Topamax (in conjunction with good diet /exercise) has given me back my life!!! Topamax isn’t for everyone but i wanted to mention it to you as I noticed a lot of the posts did not name it so I wasn’t sure how much it is used in the states – if at all. My vertigo eased and now it is extremely rare I have vertigo and when I do it is mild. ( I do have other auras but I have not mentioned these as they are unique to me and I wanted to give you hope re: the vertigo and Topamax!!) Any way hope this was useful!

    Laura McPhee, London

  • Gerry Fryer
    8 years ago

    Laura, there is a way you can cling to hope as a migraine sufferer. Here is an article that may help you and others: Your migraines may not go away but you can find a better life.

  • Angela Renee Montgomery
    8 years ago

    I have the same exact thing. It is a disability.

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