On a Migraine journey

I never knew the word migraine until few years ago my friend told me about her migraine, how it hurt her, suffering, she could not go out in extreme sunlight etc. Her migraine is episodic till now from diagnosis. She prefers food supplements and healthy diet.
I used to live as a PG for engineering graduation. Eventually mild daily headache started. I thought the reason might be my engineering study, my weak eyes, food etc. The headache was not ready to calm down. In summer it was getting worse. I met a general physician, he gave me medicine for few days and told me to see a neurologist if it does not stop. For a short time it worked,again headache started with more intense pain.

I was unable to stand all kind of lights, sound, smell etc. Absentmindedly I preferred solitude, darkness, peace when my head was under pulsating pain.
I saw a neurologist, my diagnosis was migraine and gave me triptan and other medicine. That was the beginning of real migraine in my life. I thought it would stop with those medicine, I had hope.
From internet information I gathered was utterly depressing. I did not find Migraine.com at that time. All I could feel was huge disappointment from my life. I used to feel continuous weak hands, neck and back pain.
My migraine made me leave PG, I started living with my mother and with tons load of study. It was getting more worse, I was utterly hopeless for my health and by friends suggestion, I joined Art Of Living. There I learned breathing techniques called pranayam, sudarshan kriya which would make my head lighter. I picked it as a daily healing for migraine.
In collage I faced lamps, projection with medicines which excused my head for v short time and I found myself again in despair, alone in pain. I wanted to talk with friends, make new friends but my migraine always failed me cuz people never got what I was dealing. All way I was fighting with migraine to lose myself from its grip and live life. Every little thing was big effort for me. I was always tired invisibly sick.
My family supported me very much but could not actually understand the effect of migraine on my life. I found medicine made me more lonely, violent. I was losing control over my mind, I stopped taking medicine and trusted only breathing technique. Explaining migraine to most of the people was another hopelessness as it turned out unwelcoming response that it’s just psychological blah blah.
In my worse migraine period I terribly hated sunrise, I wished there shall be only evening or night for me. I could actually feel the irritation caused by sunrise even when I stayed in dark room. I was in peace evening on wards each day. I hated even moonlight. Change became my enemy.
Summer is still a terrible nightmare for me cuz in summer I become very weak, almost going out in sun even for few minute triggers my migraine. Every activity from morning till evening triggers my migraine. I saw friends going away due to my migraine with terrible feeling of isolation left for me.
Its been very painful life with migraine with respect to emotions, social image, commitments. Advanced course in Art Of living made me strong. Migraine pain has its own way to teach life lessons.
I am very grateful that I found this community where I feel… I am not alone. (There is still too much to share. Pardon my English mistakes)

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