My Migraine Life

Last updated: March 2019

My migraine hell started at the age of 19 and my first attack came on suddenly and knocked me off my feet for two days. I was soon to learn that on the maternal side of my family migraines were common so I was unlucky enough to have inherited them.

Fast forward 23 years, numerous doctors appointments, A&E trips and a couple of hospitals admissions and a cocktail of medication I am at my wits end. My life is a constant merry go round of fatigue, blocked sinuses, insomnia, mania, neck pain, anxiety, blind spots and then comes the inevitable migraine. The feeling of pressure increasing to the point where my head feels like it’s going to explode, my eyes are sunken into my head and my veins are raised on my temples from the pressure.

Sometimes crying helps ease the tension temporarily, sometimes being sick does. I find injections work quickly but they don’t last for very long.
When this is over, generally 48-72 hours the hangover takes its toll where my head feels light but I have no energy, I feel like I’ve been run over by a bus and I find it hard to concentrate. On average I have 3 days a month off work and cancel countless social events due to my attacks. Despite all of this it has taken 23 years to be referred to a neurologist.

I strongly believe this is due to the lack of knowledge the gp’s have regarding this debilitating disease. My heart goes out to all you fellow migraineurs out there.

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