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Migraine Mystery

I have been a primary care health care provider in the field of Oriental Medicine for almost 40 years. I have been very successful in treating patients with various types of headaches including severe migraines with acupuncture, acupressure, herbs, meditation, and tai chi.
I have also referred many patients to neurofeedback which very good results. Yet, to my dismay, none of these modalities were able to help me when i started to get migraines myself.
I continued to get worse until I was having daily migraines. I friend of mine who is a rheumatologist told me about a company that had just started called Avacen- a new technology that increases microvascular blood circulation by decreasing blood viscosity- i gave it a try and within 2 weeks my headaches had decreased 50% and by one month i had 2 headaches.
My headaches went from 28 a month to 2 a month consistently from then on.
I use it twice a day, 20 minutes each time. I have recommended it to other patients who have had good results- not everyone has good results but it is a remarkble tool to have.
There are no negative side effects and only positve ones in terms of better circulation and less joint pain.
I would recomment it to anyone who is looking for another way to deal with their migraines.

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  • Luna
    2 years ago

    At this price it had better work.

    The unit retails for $2595 and has an operating lifetime of 5-10 years which works out to just over $20-$40 per month or $.67 to $1.34 per day. When compared with the cost of current drug alternatives, the AVACEN 100 may likely save you money long-term, if you use it instead of your drug regimen.
    Understand the Price of the AVACEN 100 vs Competitors

  • Joeydoc author
    2 years ago

    I understand that it is an expense that for a lot of people would be difficult but they make it as easy as they can- you can pay in payments and they have a TRUE 100% guarantee refund if you use it for 30 days as directed and you feel that it is not useful for you- I have had direct experience of this with a patient and they were wonderful with her- they explained what she had to do and they refunded her money exactly as they said they would. They are a very reputable company- dedicated to research and health care- not run by a marketing group looking for a quick buck . In addition, the testimonials that you see are real people, not paid actors pretending to be patients.
    I know a few of them personally as they are colleagues and/ or patients . There is no treatment that will be suitable for everyone but I do feel that my top choices for migraine treatment be : ( for someone who has obviously been diagnosed by a doctor and is starting at the beginning of a treatment plan)
    1. Hand warming relaxation technique done daily- usually 15 min
    2. Keeping a food diary to see if there are any food triggers for your migraines
    3. Acupuncture- try at least 6-10 visits
    4 neurofeedback from someone certified by
    5 Avacen
    Tryin 3,4,5 are all going to cost money- Avacen is the only one that will have a refund involved if it doesn’t work
    These are all non pharmacological- there are many choices if you don’t mind using that choice- it is simply another route to the same goal
    Always sending Light and Love to all

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