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Migraine never goes away

Hello dear migrane suffers,

My name is maria and i am 28 years old i have suffered from chronic daily migraines for the last 2 years every day is a struggle my social life, romantic life, and work life have suffered, no meds have really worked that much, the constant fatigue and pain have been such a problem.

One thing i know is that my hope keeps me strong. Appreciating all the beautiful things about life.

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  • Maria Mazzella
    8 years ago

    hello ladies I’m sorry that you btoth going through pain.i hope that eveyone at one point no longer have them. hope is what keeps us strong. janene and lora keep strong.

  • Alina Mele
    8 years ago

    si spera…………….

  • Janene Zielinski
    8 years ago

    The other day the clerk at the market was telling me what a beautiful day it was outside. I told her that any day without a migraine was a beautiful day to me. Cherish any migraine free moments! Keep up the hope!

  • Lora Warren
    8 years ago

    I know how your feeling I have migraines at least one or two a week so I feel your pain and the doctors don’t know what is causing them so I’m in pain so much and I have two small kids so that makes it even harder.

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