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Migraine Paranoia

I am 29 and have been suffering from migraines since the age of 6. The attacks became more frequent, culminating the year I was 11. That was the worst year.

Since then, with dietary adjustments I seem to have outgrown it to a large extent. I now get them about once a year, or maybe once in two years.

The problem is this: for months after an attack I remain paranoid that it will happen again. The slightest change in my sensory sensitivity sets this “anxiety attack” off and I find it difficult to function normally.

Does anyone else experience this? I am expecially afraid when I drive, or I am in a place where it would be difficult for someone to come and fetch me. Being in constant fear of being completely debilitated at any given moment is a terrible thing.

This condition continues until I get used to not having any attacks for a few months. I had my last attack in August 2012, and I am still paranoid every single moment of every day.

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  • infiniterra
    6 years ago

    I have been having migraines several times a month for the last more than 42 years. This years I had 2 months with about 8-10 migraine attacks per month (I don´t know when pre-migraine were post migraine. It was unbearable).

    It is almost impossible not to be paranoid. When I have more than 10-15 days without migraine, I think I can recover a bit, and sometimes think I am “cured”. A lot of foods, odours, other, can trigger migraine. Even walking not too long distances. So I cannot, as so many, make plans nor have a job.

    After about 5 months inclining the bed (head up) 11 cm (Inclined Bed Therapy – Andrew Fletcher, Dr Sidney Ross Singer , at one hour and 25 minutes approx. ), I hoped I could be better, not sure still. I know it needs more elevation, but then the bed could not resist. If you can have your bed inclined at least 16 cm or more (NASA found 30 degrees was the best, we have to calculate how many cm of elevation will correpsond to that) maybe you could stop the attacks..

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