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Relief at last

Hi, my name is Maria and I have been suffering with migraines for 20 years and having 3 to four a week within in past 7 years. I have been to numerous dr.’s and tried almost everything. Needless to say I was desperate. I’m writing this to let other suffers out there know that something I tried 2 months ago has changed my life. I tried a magnesium spray that I put on my arms and legs twice a day.

I used the product for three days and by the fourth day had no headache. In two months I have had 1 migraine, which is eliminated by taking 1 Maxalt pill. I urge you to try this product, which not only helps migraines but other ailments.

Good luck.

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  • Ellen Schnakenberg
    8 years ago

    Hello Rea, I’m glad you have been able to find relief with a magnesium product. Many many people are deficient in magnesium and don’t realize it. While you can be tested for blood magnesium levels (the test you want is Ionized Mag) it does not necessarily reflect who is going to benefit from its supplementation. Magnesium is great because it can be taken orally, or even absorbed through the skin. One of the most frequent ways of supplementing magnesium is with an epsom salt bath. My favorite is a product called CALM because I don’t do well taking pills. It is a powder that dissolves into liquid and is made from the most absorbable form of mag. If you go to the Emergency Room, magnesium is one of the drugs most frequently given to help you abort the attack. Magnesium is also given to asthma attack patients in the ER as well, because it helps to relax spasms.

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