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Last updated: October 2012

Thanks for your support Ellen. I have tried a number of things for my PMS migraines but i have had no real luck and now my body has decided to throw me a new curve ball and i have found out recently that i have started menopause early. (Doesn't that just sound like great fun) so now my whole hormone system is going haywire. Also i for got to put in my story one very important diagnosis that i have it's two parts really at least that's how i look at it. I have arthritis in my spine, hips, knees and hands and i also have fibromyalgia in my shoulders, neck, back and legs and because i only have one kidney i cannot take any kind of anti-inflammatory medication for either of these conditions which is the prescribed treatment. Oh and i live in a two story house and let me tell you having bad knees and your bedroom on the second floor can be a real pain. I have learned to take life one day at a time and my problems one issue at a time because if i looked at them all together i would never get out of bed.

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