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Migraines aren’t headaches, they are attacks

Migraines are no longer referred to as headaches, they are attacks.

Migraine attacks are the worst possible attacks that can happen to the brain. They are horrible. They are debilitating. They stop life. They destroy people. Sometimes, you even beg to die.

NO One can know the pain unless they have an attack. If you know someone who suffers from these attacks love them, help them through because you never know when the attacks may happen to you.

Janice Moore

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  • Ellen Schnakenberg
    8 years ago

    Hi Lifetimegirl2000

    You’re right, these Migraines really are a type of brain attack. They are neurological in nature and go far beyond the pain we often (although not always) feel. Thank you for reminding us of that 🙂

  • Donna Machado
    8 years ago

    I have suffered with migraines for 27 years I just wish they find a cure for this debilitating desease in my case stress and weather has a lot to do with it I have tryed almost everything thank God for prescription pills.

  • sdavis
    8 years ago


    I totaly agree.. I have experienced everything you just said.. It’s very depressing when you get to the point of begging to die. I feel as if my life is in the hands of complete strangers (doctors) and whether they take my situation seriously enough! I have not found anyone to help me as of yet.. I hope that you find some relief soon. Praying you are having a pain free day!


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