The Greatest Time Thief

Last updated: October 2012

On April 9, 2000 I was the victim of a pedestrian/car accident. My car slid off the road into a field when it hit black ice during the last snowstorm of that season. I got out of the car in the field to walk home and ironically, even though it was after midnight, another car hit the same black ice on this remote rural highway and the young driver saw me in her headlights and hit me from behind. I woke up after being knocked out face down in the mud. I suffered sixteen stitches to my face, a broken nose and a fractured right femur.

That was the beginning of my migraines and intermittent back pain. I have tried many OTC and prescription meds. I am currently using Amerge and today had the generic form Naratriptan filled for the fist time for only $10 for 9 tablets. I also bought Claritin D generic from Walmart and am feeling some relief from the pain. Allergies trigger my migraines, stress, some foods, MSG, lack of sleep and barametric changes to name a few. I am not on an maintance drugs at the time being but have used beta blockers and Topomax (which almost killed me with the side effects).

After ten years of working full time and attending school 1/2 time during these migraines I will be receiving my Bachlor's degree in Speech Communications and Media Studies tomorrow. Any victory with constant migraines is one to brag about and today, I will share my happiness that in spite of this debilitating disease, I have reached this goal with more to come.... best wishes to all of you who also suffer...

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