Migraines, Are They Eating My Brain?

Last updated: July 2020

I've had migraines as early as 5yrs old. At age 16, they became daily. I'm now 50, 51 in Aug 2020. I have several varieties of migraine. I've had some brain injuries over the years.
As a migraine warrior, like many of us, I've done every legal treatment out there, except cranial surgery. I'm willing to this to if it would help. I really feel like these darn things are eating my brain! I just had an EEG done and I do not have dementia, seizures, or any memory loss. This was good news! I've been to many headache specialists, Mayo Clinic, Chiro, Acupuncture, Massage, Biofeedback, Yoga, Cefaly, Tens Unit, ect. I'm currently on the 2nd of 3 CGRP monthly injections, Trokendia XR, Nurtec, and Lidocaine injections. Yoga and breathing is something I plan to continue to work on.
Both parents had migraines as teens, as well as my maternal grandmother who suffered till her 50's. My 32 yr old daughter gets menstrual migraines, my 26yt old nephew also gets migraines.

Personal considerations

My dad is a Vietnam Veteran and I'm wondering about the effects of Agent Orange, as I'm the firstborn child. I have at least 5 Autoimmune diseases as well.
I've raised two beautiful children, who are grown now. The past 6 yrs I've been able to devote to self-care. I moved back to the State i grew up in, as it's better for my health, but I miss my kiddos much. I've learned how vital this loving on myself is! It has taken a lot of learning at my age, as I'm a caregiver. I'm an Artist, love design, gardening music, and my dog, Lilly Grace. I share my life the past two years with a very loving man who has been the absolutely best friend to me. He accepts me for who I am, migraines, autoimmune, brain fog, tender skin, sensitive vision/hearing, speech slurs and all!!! I've never experienced such genuine grace from a partner. This is a joy and blessing to me y'all!
I'm so happy to be alive every single day, the worst of my pain days are always a struggle!
Keeping all in thought as we continue to wait as patiently as we can for ? releif❤️

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