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Migraines preventing me from being a mom

I had migraines since i was 5, they were occasional but now am 29 and having them almost everyday, Inderal keeps them mostly from being full blown but during menstruation nothing can ever stop them!

I have been married for 3 years without children, i have infertility problems, and hormonal treatments are just not working with my migraines, clomid, gonal-f and the dreadful pregnancy control pills stopped every treatment i have attempted, now i am at the point where i have to go through an ivf proceedure which is all that and more. I am so depressed. Migraines are robbing me from the right of even trying to be a mom, does anyone have a similar experience, how they got through this? I am afraid i will end up husband-less, childless and defected!

I hate migraines, i pray some miracle doctor one day soon will come up and say we found a cure or even half a cure! God help us all.

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  • melissadwyer13
    8 years ago

    I pray for the same thing everyday.. a cure. I suffer daily migraines and they are always full blown accompanied by vomitting up to 40-60 times a day or night. It’s ridiculous, and I’m younger than you, I’m only 21, but I’m on so many preventatives that I had to talk to my doctor about what will happen in the next few years, as in a few years I need to think about going off all my medications so I can be off of them for at LEAST a year before I attempt to get pregnant and start a family. Our migraines steal so much of our lives to begin with… and my sincerest apologies go to you in your struggles to become a mother. I wish you a cure and luck in forming your family. Thank you for sharing your story, and I again, am sorry to hear about your struggles. Best wishes, Melissa.

  • Anne Fink
    8 years ago

    I used to be the same way before I got regular migraine meds. I am currently on Lisinopril (blood pressue med), which acts to prevent getting migraines. There are bunch of different meds that you could try and it would be worth talking to your doc about. My neurologist also gave me dexamethasone to take sparingly for those migraines that I just can’t get to go away. That has worked wonders too. Another thing for menstrual migraines that has worked is being on birth control and the doctor writing the Rx so that you can skip the “off week”. That will eliminate menstrual migraines if you get those. I also found out that I was Vit D deficient, which is linked to migraines too. See a neurologist who specializes in headaches for sure.
    As for me, I found out that I have a glutamate intolerance, which basically means I can’t have most processed foods. I finally linked getting prolonged migraines–some of mine last 10 or so days–and the food I was eating. Because I had unaddressed dietary intolerances, I just kept perpetuating the migraine. Once I changed my diet and got on preventative meds, my life has changed completely. A book to check out if you’re interested is “Food Allergies: The Complete Guide to Understanding and Relieving Your Food Allergies”. Totally changed my life. So, diet may be something to look at if no other options are working for you. It affected my hormones and neurology more than I ever could have realized.

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