More than just a Migraine

Last updated: November 2022

I've suffered with head aches from a young age. Primary school if I can remember . As I've got older they have become more severe and I also suffer the aftermath of the migraines, really knocks you for 6.

Migraines are tough enough as they can last for 5 days but being a mom now and working one it effects more then just the head. When I was pregnant with my 1st and only child the first 5 months of pregnancy was hell, constant headache was signed of work which was quite a new job to . Cut long story short I ended up leaving the job as I had 0 support from the company.

I truly believe that Migraines should come under a disability , as when you get them there is no way of working .

I have a specialist for my headaches and sadly she admitted they will never find an answer to why they come on and how to finally get rid of them .

I truly feel for others who have to suffer Migraines

Joanne Fowler

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