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My child suffers from migraines

My child is 4 years old and has been suffering from migraines since he was three. He sees doctors but to be truthful they act like they don’t care. They put him on medicine which does not help him. When he gets his migraines it is bad.

He can’t pick his head up, he has a fever, sweats, can’t remember where he is or who he is around, he can’t eat or drink anything. I, as a mother, do not know what to do. He has other medical problems but the migraines are the worse.

I know he is not the only one dealing with this but he is going through all this at such a small age. His doctor is not there when we need him, all he does is keep telling us to give him more medicine. he is four years old and can’t be a kid because he is so sleepy from the medicine. I am not looking for pity but for someone to help me understand what he is going through better.

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  • Tammy Kontuk
    8 years ago

    My daughter has had migraines with severe head pain, and vomiting lasting from 3-5 hours,early morning onset. We have had succes with natural calm magnesium nightly before bed. There are ubtypes of migraine and she seems to have the muscle tension subtype without aura ( she grinds her teeth at night as well) the magnesium seems to relax the tension in her head and it actually relaxes the blood vessel walls to prevent spasms, I’m also going to try peppermint oil next time… I hope this helps with your little one! Our girl has been suffering since age 3 as well, she is 8 now…

  • Carol Swigart
    8 years ago

    Check out “Cyclic vomiting syndrome”. This is what my granddaughter has The Dr’s called them abdominal migraines. Hope this helps.

  • Teri Robert
    8 years ago

    Carol, just to give you and anyone else reading here a bit of information, cyclic vomiting syndrome and abdominal Migraines aren’t the same thing.

  • Ashlee Grennan
    8 years ago

    My son is 11 and has been having abdominal migraines over the past year, maybe 1 a month. He had one last weekend and one tonight. This one was the worst. He usually feels better after he throws up, and is able to sleep it off. Our Dr. told us it might be a food allergy. I am trying to keep track of what he ate before they occur, but so far there is nothing really sticking out. Are there common food triggers?

  • Jennette Ward
    8 years ago

    My grandson had them till months ago when I took him off all processed foods, I know it is a lot of extra on your plate, but it has not had chronic abdominal stomach aches…However he has continual chronic migraines also lasting about two years. He is 14 and Drrs. are still trying to find help.

  • Vicky Giroux-Livingston
    8 years ago

    My daughter has been suffering from abdominal migraines since she was 3. She is now 6. Our pediatrician sent us to a pediatric nuerologist at University of Michigan. There really isn’t anything that can be given during an attack to make it better. They gave me nausea medicine but it does not help much. I am also told to give her Motrin. She just had a really bad episode Monday It is horrible to witness it because she won’t let me touch her unless she is vomiting. They tell me to just try to keep her comfortable during the attack. If you are unhappy with your dr you may want to conside another one. I am very happy with mine which makes it easier.
    I am sorry to hear about your son. People don’t really get it unless they have witnessed an attack. Sometimes I think people think I am making it up because thet have never heard of them. I am looking to find more parents like yoursel for moral support and to share info with.

  • porks
    8 years ago

    I truely feel for your son, i also started getting my Migraines at the age of 4, i get Hemoplegic Miggraines (i go numb down one side) an still remember my first migraine like it was yesterday i do hope u get the medication your son needs an the doctors start listening to you i get so fed up with doctors shrugging there shoulders. My twin sister has had 50+ migraines this year alone an all the doctors do is shrug there shoulders an say what can i do . Good Luck

  • Lyssi
    8 years ago

    It is so horrible that your little boy has to go through that. I get migraines but they are nowhere near as bad as those sound. What happens with me is I feel very nauceous, my vision gets blurry, my back aches and my head hurts on one side. So, I don’t really get the same kind of symptoms as your son, so I’m not sure how much my advice will work, but I would reccommend herbal supplements such as magnesium and feverfew. I don’t know if your son can swallow pills yet, he’s so young but I’d say it’s worth a try. The magnesium made my migraines less frequent and less intense, and, they also helped me sleep better. I also found out that when I eat certain foods like cheese, I usually get migraines. I would suggest you keep a journal to find out his triggers. What he eats may play a big role… I have a friend who had bad migraines, but they went away as soon as she started eating natural, organic food. Your son may prefer packaged food, but try to feed him things like that less and less. It’s sad that he has to miss out on a lot of kid stuff, but make sure he understands that eating better could really help. Also, check ingredients on food for MSG. MSG is THE WORST for migraines (for me at least)!!!
    I really hope this helped and I hope your little guy feels better real soon!

  • Cheryl Keast
    8 years ago

    Aww I am so sorry to hear that. 4 year old is such a young age to be having them. I suffer with them and they scare me to death and I’m 35yrs old, so he must be going through hell.xx My son is 11yrs and he has had a couple of them and he tells me he gets tingling in his hands and then gets spots in his eyes and then has a headache, my son can explaine things to the dr, which is good/xx.
    Hope you get the answers you want from your dr, I would keep going and maybe ask for a refeal, I know we shouldn’t have to pay but maybe going private. Chin up

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