My child's migraines

Last updated: August 2013

Im searching for as much info i can on children with migraines. My 7yr old son ha migraines for 3 yrs now when he first got them it was once every 3 it would last about 3 hrs he vomited had to have ice pack on his eyes and be in total darkness his pediatrician prescribed meds and they did eye exams and head xrays then continued but started happening about every 2 weeks instead of 3 wks they upped his med and he had a catscan which came back normal like the eye exam.

We moved so we changed doctors and my son was suffering due to the migraines he didn't understand why so we went to new doc who referred us to neurologist we went to him and my son the starting migraines once to twice a week sometimes the doc perscribed topomax we went back they upped meds and said there was nothing els we could do so nwo we just deal with them i have a appointment at the social sercurity to apply for ssi benefits. I am hoping with help from a lawyer he can get benefits.

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