My dad and cancer.

Last updated: December 2012

Hello everyone I am needing any information that may help my dad get some kind of relief. My dad was recently diagnoased with stage 3 esophogeal cancer and he had a tumor in his chest removed about 3 months ago.

About 2 weeks post operation he started having these unbearable headaches and they are still on going. He says it starts at his neck and comes around the sides of his head and the only real relief is when he takes a hot shower. He says his headaches never go away they just become more bearable after showers.

He takes a large amount of pain pills because of his cancer and chemo His doctors have also tried muscle relaxers and fiorcet. He has been trying these meds for about 3 weeks now and still no relief. He has also had MRI’s to make sure he doesnt have any tumors and none were present.

If anyone has any suggestions PLEASE help. My father is going through a lot right now and the headaches are just making it 10x worse…..thanks

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