My Evil Migraine

Last updated: August 2013

I have been getting Migraines since I was 7, my mom took me to dr and they put me on Inderal and I could be only on it for 3 years, and so it cut down the amount I was getting but I missed a lot of school because of them.

I went to chiropractors but that didn't help either, as I got older they just got worse they thought after I got my first period maybe they would go away, and they didn't now I have low blood sugar, and my migraines last for 2 days and my dr's answer was birthcontrol it did nothing so I was watching Dr Oz and I thought I would try Feverfew and butterbur so far they are not as bad as they were before.

I tried everything asprin for Migraines and nothing and I have just given on drs do anything I just wish they would go away

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