My Migraine Life

Last updated: October 2022

Had my first migraine at about 13. Didnt realize what it was. Dizziness, naseau, unrelenting headache. Sensitivity to light and noise. Many years of migraines to follow. No one wants to you take seriously. Always trying to do everything to prevent one. But problem is, EVERYTHING caused them. They stole my fun times, interrupted my day, putting me out of commission for days, whole weekends ruined. My neurolgist has given me now a preventative medicine that has really helped for a while but now they are back in full force. Now waking up with migraines which is new for me. Knowing you cant miss work, hating to take your medicine cause of the aweful side affects but what choice do you have. So I am loopy, cant think straight much less get your words to come out right, sooo dizzy GRRRR. Urgent care visits and ER visits. Menopause have made them so much worse. I want another option other than crappy medicine options. Any ideas?

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