My life with Migraines

Last updated: October 2012

From the time I had my first child, I began suffereing from Migraines. After many visits to the doctor's office and various tests, the doctor's determined the cause was birth control pills. I was ordered to stop taking the pill. It seemed to have worked and I went from suffering from a migraine at least once a week to once a year. Until I had a little rock climbing accident with my daughter a few years ago. I injured my neck in the fall. I herniated 2 disks in my neck and buldged 1 at the base of my neck (C-5/6, C-6/7 & T-2). I began having severe migraines again shortly after.

I have had multiple epidoral injections, taken pain medications and undergone various other treatments and manipulations to no avail. As the migraines became more frequent and severe & debilitating the symptoms include; aura (sometimes), blurred vision, sensitivity to light and sound, tingling in my lips and fingers followed by numbness, severe throbbing in my head, neck pain, nausea and vomiting every 30 - 45 minutes for a minimum of 36 hours sometimes longer with the headache and other symptoms lasting 2-3 days and then another full day to regain strength and focus. It has been terrible. I feel so helpless and lifeless during the migraine and can not function at all or get out of bed other than to run to the bathroom to vomit.

I recently discovered that I also have a severe case of TMJ that may also be contributing to the severity and frequency of the migraines. Unfortunately, my employer is not very sympathetic or understanding of my illness. I'm guessing you can't really understand what a sufferer of migraines must feel if you have never expereinced a true migraine.

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