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My life with migraines

I have suffered from migraine disease for about 14yrs. and boy has it been an adventure. My migraines at one time only came in the summer, or should I say when it was extremely hot, then I started to notice certain lights triggered a migraine, and then all of a sudden i noticed nausea with the headaches one sided headaches and in my left eye. At first I didn’t know what was happening to me. Nothing would work to take away this excruciating pain, until I went to the Emergency Room. Unfortunately it only lasted a little while.

Then a few months ago, in January I had this new type of pain which lasted a full 6wks. this was a pain I had never felt before. The only way i can explain it, is to say it feels like a someone is drilling through my left eye while beating me over the head with a louieville slugger. And now i’m getting these smaller not as severe headaches, and I don’t know why. But thank god tomorrow I finally get to go an see a neurologist. I’ve been waiting for this appointment for 3 months.

I feel like I’m about to die or better yet I feel like i wanna die, rather than feel that pain. And what scares me the most I think, is the loss of sight in my left eye when im in full blown mode. I can’t function for days after the migraine let alone trying to function during, cause all I can do is lay down in a dark cold quite room with a ice pack on my head, and its really hard to keep something on your head while your head is sore to the touch. But I would really like to thank, for all the help, answers, reassurance, and support you have given me thank you.

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  • Ellen Schnakenberg
    8 years ago

    Hi tonia

    I’m wondering how your neuro appointment went? *fingers crossed*’

  • Janelle Gregory
    8 years ago

    I have also had the pain you are speaking of in one eye.. the neurologist called them “Ice Pick” Migraines.. I don’t get those anymore, thank God…

  • Janice Moore
    8 years ago

    Look forward to hearing what your doctor tells you. Good for you for getting help!

  • Karen Stanley Haack
    8 years ago

    Not to act like I am a migraine expert or anything like that. I noticed her migraines disapeared for 2 months after given a anti-fungal pill. I mentioned it to the doctor and they blew me off. Guess what sometimes you just got to try everything. I give her an anti-fungal pill about every two months now. Not what most would give for migraines but it works. Plus vitamins and drugs have a lot of inert ingredients that also made her sick…(yeast).

  • Karen Stanley Haack
    8 years ago

    This sounds like my daughters migraines lasting for weeks, here is what I did I got rid of all our metal cookware only use glass. No tap water. Purified water with no flouride, Ferment free, mold free and yeast free diet. For at least 3 weeks, No high fructose corn syrup, citric acid and small very small amounts of yeast products. I buy her bread fresh every day and freeze it. Make sure it has no hfcs, she can have 2 pieces a day. Real cheese products have mold but Kraft american singles is not real cheese( at least it isn’t made with mold)…..who would have thought. It’s a tough thing to do but eliminate fake food as much as possible. I think her migraines are related to mold and fungi. Plus the cookware you buy today can put toxins in your food that’s why we only use glass. I have been fighting her migraines for 4 years and I can honestly say that she is doing better. It took an allergist, rast test to figure it out. Forget the neurologist and go see an allergist. P.S. She would also lose consciousness before her migraines began….Biggest culprit BANANA’s They are inserted as they are growing with fungus.

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