My Migraine Life

Last updated: October 2017

My Migraine Life start when I was 9yrs old (I am 47 now), by the time I was 12 I had black curtains in my room with tiny flowers. Once the Migraine hit I was in my room with the curtains close tight, on Tylenol and in there for days at a time. They continued throughout my 20's and early 30's but they were manageable with OTC meds. First round of vertigo hit at 32, but when I turned 35 my migraines became unbearable. My OTC meds were no longer working and I had a migraine for a week. Finally went to the dr and he started with Imitrex that really didn't work, from there it went downhill FAST!!

I started having the ice pick migraines (but I didn't know what they were Actually thought I was dying) At the age 38 I was diagnosed with Migraines and Pseudo Tumor Cebri (I have no physical damage only the high pressures). Holding my job was hard, therefore taking care of me and my 8yr old daughter was becoming difficult. By this time I have tried any and all meds and I am now allergic to 9 different meds in search for preventives and/or relief and using POWERFUL pain killers, in and out of the ER and hospital. At this point my migraine attacks could last from seconds to WEEKS! Drs want to study my brain. Then I was ruled disable in 2011, 2012 started receiving Botox injections!! They gave me a quality of life for 5yrs. Struggling with the amount of the co-pay now but Botox is the only thing that has helped. It's not a cure but it helped improve my quality of life.

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