My Migraines

Last updated: October 2013

Hi everyone. My name is Erin and I've suffered from migraines since age 14. I'm 36 now. I still remember my first migraine, I was terrified. I actually thought I was dying-the aura was so frightening and then the pain hit. I was scared to tell my mom because I knew she would worry. I self diagnosed myself after reading an article about migraine headaches in a Reader's Digest magazine. I told my mom and we went to my doctor.

He thought they were migraines from my description and gave me Imitrex which did not help! I came to realize my migraines were related to my menstrual cycle. They are sporadic now but unpredictable nonetheless. I always worry I'll get an attack during an event or when traveling.

My family is very supportive but I remember in high school people would ridicule me for always having a headache. I had to write a final exam in grade 12 after a migraine aura and in pain because my teacher had said I missed too much school already. I sat there in excruciating pain and trying not to throw up. I really think people who are critical should experience one migraine in their life then maybe they would actually know what we suffer with.

I'm a Registered Nurse and have met many people who have migraines and it seems not only do we have to deal with the pain of this disease, we also have to "convince" others that we are not just whiners or complainers and that our disease is a neurological disorder. I am finally being referred to a neurologist who can hopefully shed some light on my headaches.

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