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My MISERABLE existence!!!!!!

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  • Kerry Sue
    8 years ago

    Pam, I hope you get this response. I too live with daily migraines. it’s called CDH (chronic daily headache) how genius ya? anyway, please let me know if you’re still out there. I have managed to really improve my quality of life and maybe my little methods might help you, or perhaps give you some ideas of your own. I know you probably feel like you’ve “heard it all” and believe me, I completely understand that! but, do respond to this comment and let me know what medications you have taken and what things you have tried and also let me know more about what migraines you have and what triggers them. I am not a doctor or an expert by any stretch of the imagination, of course. but I have read numerous books, have been seen extensively by several neurologists as well as Mayo clinic, I have undergraduate work in bio-chemistry so have some understanding of biology and how neurology works. I also have a huge laundry list of great resources. so, let me know if you’re interested. I hope you’re still alive out there!

  • Kerry
    8 years ago

    Pam, I hope you get this response. I too live with daily migraines. it’s called CDH (chronic daily headache) how ingenius ya? i completely understand the horror and frustration and hopelessness that comes from trial and error drug experimentation. yes, there are hundreds of drugs. sometimes, that means you have the opportunity to torture yourself with hundreds of dibilitating side effects in the hope that you might, might I repeat, get some small simblance of relief, maybe. in the meanwhile, you often have to take them for 8 – 12 weeks (while the side effects make you sicker). if you take abortives or narcotics or triptans almost daily then you run the risk of medication overuse headache. then, you’re stuck in a cycle. i’m no doctor, of course, these are just my experiences and my reitterating what i’ve read.

    there ARE alternatives to all of the drugs. of course, drugs are often a part of the “recipe” that Ellen mentioned and she couldn’t be more right in that it takes a recipe to get well. For me, I found that diet, sleep, medication, and some alternative therapies were the best recipe.

    Have you looked into magnesium? Magnesium Citrate is the best formulation and in a solution works best. There is much information out there and I invite you to research it and discuss it with your doc. It made a huge difference in my world. Magnesium is often used as an abortive for migraines in ERs. For many migrainours, it makes a tremendous difference. Again, everybody should check with their doc.

    I can also say that visual triggers like the television, or computer, are huge triggers for me. I changed all of the lightbulbs in my house to 6500 kelvin bulbs (google that) which made me more comfortable. Secondly, I am currently waiting on a pair of precision tinted lenses. Sometimes, and if you have some visual problems with your migraines you are more likely, but migrainours experience a great deal of relief by wearing a particular color of lenses. I could give you a ton of info as to why they work, but I’ll let you look into it yourself. Google precision tinted lenses and migraines and you’ll get a ton of info.

    In the meanwhile, I would really, really, really recommend reading Oliver Sachs’ book “migraine”. Oliver Sachs is VERY well respected and very well known in the medical community. He is a incredible researcher and has seen over 1200 migraine patients. He has, and I mean this, seen it all. Things you have never heard of. His book is informative, helpful, and well, it made me feel more understood than any doctor every could.

    Second book: “The Keeler Method” This is a great way to get you on track to a real recipe for wellness. Again, I could tell you more and why this doctor is reputable. But, I invite you to research him and Keeler yourself. Being an academic, I always research the source up and down and sideways before I EVER read what they have to say. You should to 🙂

    Anyway, best of luck to you, hang in there. And if you would like more info from me, feel free to ask. Just remember, I’m no expert, I’m no doctor, I’m just a person who wants to see other migrainours benefit from her experiences and education. loves!

  • Ellen Schnakenberg
    8 years ago

    Pam, there are literally hundreds of drugs and combinations of drugs out there. So far I have never met anyone who has tried everything. What I meet a lot of though, are Migraineurs who are not seeing the right kind of doctor and getting the right kind of care and treatment. There are 3 things you have to have to get control of Migraines – #1 a Migraine literate doctor – usually a headache specialist. #2 a proactive attitude, willing to do whatever is necessary to get educated and to get better #3 patience. You didn’t get like this overnight, you will need lots of time and patience to get your life back. It is possible though, and there is hope…

    Private message me if you like and we can chat. Hang in there, okay??!

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