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Last updated: December 2015

I started having migraines when I was in jr. high school (I am 55 now) and got whip lash. Was treated by a chiropractor and had no issues till I got married and went on birth control pills (huge mistake). Back then I was basically having a stroke - numb on one side, difficulty in speech and short term memory issues. Cluster headaches were not uncommon.

As with many here - went through the medical gambit of collecting a pharmacy of my own - yeah the treatment worked - but couldn't work or function when I was having them.

After MUCH research (not as easily done as now a days) discovered that many people who suffer from these - are having an alergic reaction to a food. I started keeping a log of what - when - and how much of something I ate/drank and found my triggers.

Also, the intensity of the headaches have minimized greatly (now only occular) which I am VERY thankful for (doc told me many 'outgrow' the headaches).

But now that I am going 'through the change' the headaches have become more frequent and more intense than previous ones . . yet another thing nice about growing older :(

Personally I find getting frustrated about a headache coming on (thankfully my bosses are very understanding) makes things worse - so I TRY to chill during those 20 minutes from when I feel one coming on and it is over.

Just wanted to share - and to let others out there who are young know there is the possibility that you will outgrow them also.

I have been feeling a coolness in my eyes and 'brain' area when one comes on which is new to me - but seeing that others have experienced this sensation as well (doc has no clue what is causing it)

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