My migraines

Last updated: February 2017

It started at 57 years old with severe Vertigo. I had migraines almost every day. I could not go into large places like warehouse shopping, Penn Station in NYC because I would get dizzy. That lasted 4 months. I saw a Neurologist who totally over medicated me over 2 years. I then went to a Migraine Specialist who took all Med's away except for Topamax. I was on that for 6 years and the migraines were less frequent and less severe. I still had 6-7 a month. I am allergic to Aspirin so I cannot take certain meds.. I switched over to low dosage of Amytriptaline and I now get 4-5 headaches a month but not severe. They do last for 8-12 hours and I take Pain meds to calm them. I am now 73 years old and I hoped they would leave but they have not. I feel terrible for all sufferers!

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