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Hi. I’ve suffered form migraines since I was 9, and I’m now 41. When I was little I had migraines at least once a week, and could not even put my head on the pillow: it hurt too much. As I got older I got migraines from stress, the weather and “just out of the blue”, and I usually woke up sick. Rarely I got the migraine during the day. Rarely aura, and rarely so bad I threw up. Smell got stronger during the attack.

As a single mom I had to make my life work, so I often got to work while sick, as well as driving my son to friends, activities, helped with homework. I refused to let my social life suffer, so I tried to live my life to the fullest. It’s hard enough to suffer from migraines, and the migraine hangover makes it even worse. It’s been hard.

I’ve tried several types of medication, both in front of and during an attack. When I’ve tried to get a new review of my medication and treatment, they just give me new drugs. I’ve tried heat medication, medication to prevent attacks, medication for immediate relief, anxiety medication, nasal-, rectal- and oral medication. Prescribed medication and medication sold over the counter. The neurologist even said that I had headaches because of too much drugs….. and prescribed me more drugs. :(.

I tried on my own to find alternative methods for relief, and finally ended up trying a naprapath. He worked on my muscles and my bones in my back and neck. It’s a long process and it’s not cheap. But I could feel how my body responded positive to the treatment. Now I’ve been migraine free for 70 days, that has never happened before. The funny part is that though I suffer from tension migraines, migraines from weather changes and migraines I do not know the triggers from, I have had fewer attacks from all of them since I started going to the naprapath. And today, I’ve actually been migraine free for 70 days!

WHY do they stuff our bodies with pills without checking if there are other tings wrong that can cause a migraine? I still have migraines, but it can’t be compared to before. I’ve got a new life because of this treatment, and my body is healthier now that I don’t take that much medication. My quality of life has improved a lot. I’m quite mad at the medical stand that only pushes medication on us instead of trying to find out if there can be other ways to help us. And I’m mad to think that my life up to now might have been better if I had this help earlier. I’m equally mad about the fact that I had to find this out by my self.

Why is it so easy to stuff us full of medication without seeing the body as one and treat it as one, and not as separate parts?

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  • Dizzy1i
    12 months ago

    Your success with naprapathy may not work for everyone, but others might benefit if they give it a try. I tried acupuncture and other alternate approaches for my vestibular migraines. Of course, doctors were not even sure that I was suffering migraines because I did not present classic migraine symptoms. It was only when I responded to nortriptylene that it migraine was diagnosed.
    The real problem is that little research seems devoted to migraine. Nearly all efficacious drugs were discovered accidentally by alert clinicians or are based on incorrect hypothesises of the migraine mechanism that worked out anyway. Fortunately, progress does not always require understanding.) In 2010 I attended a seminar by a clinician at the Georgetown Headache Center who had discovered that surgical decompression of certain cranial nerves relieved some migraines (Botox treatment works similarly). But these treatments do not prevent migraines. Likewise, the CGRP treatments seem unlikely to prevent migraines, but a fraction of readers here will benefit greatly.
    The problem is not the doctors who are trying approaches that they find help a fraction of their patients. The real problem is that a verified model of migraine seems to escape illucidation by researchers. Functional MRI time and careful biochemical studies of migraine cost money. Too few of us seems to fear (or suffer from) migraines enough to open our wallets—or write emails that lobby our Congress to spend more on migraine research.

  • Kriskvien22
    1 year ago

    Where do you find a naprapath? We live in Texas and I cannot find a single one. Thought I would give it a try since nothing else has worked.

  • VibekeThunoldLudvigsen author
    1 year ago

    Sorry. I live in Norway, so I do not know how to find one in Texas. But I would belive you would find them on the Internet. Or maybe somebody else here can tip you where to find one.

  • Lee614
    1 year ago

    I was doing great with treatment from a chiropractor, but a neurologist told me that it wouldn’t last. So, she put me on a preventative (beta blocker) even though I was only having bad symptoms a couple of times a month. I had so many negative side effects and my migraine got worse. I finally stopped the beta blocker, and I’m doing better.

  • VibekeThunoldLudvigsen author
    1 year ago

    Did the neurologist say why it would not last? Maybe the treatment with the chiropraktor just needs to be repeated from time to time. I would prefer that instead of medicine any day.

  • Joanna Bodner moderator
    1 year ago

    Hi @VibekeThunoldLudvigsen, I really appreciate you sharing some information about this therapy. This is actually the first I have heard anyone sharing their experience with Naprapathy as it relates to migraine! This is AMAZING to hear you have been migraine free for this many days! Will you keep us posted & let us know if the good results continue?

  • VibekeThunoldLudvigsen author
    1 year ago

    Yes it really helps me. Got another session this monday and got migraine wednesday. Still got ut. I know why it came: he loosened a spot in my spine that had been the reason I got muckles-knotes for tears. My body needs time to react and adjust after a change like that. I know I will be better later.

  • Luna
    1 year ago

    Medicine has gotten away from seeing the whole person to being parted out to specialists. It is reductionist thinking. Much of scientific research is reductionist. Physicians are just practicing medicine, you know, lol. Doctors are taught medicine and surgery. And to make a buck they have to see too many patients a day to really see the patient. This is just my jaundiced view. There are exceptions to this of course.

  • VibekeThunoldLudvigsen author
    1 year ago

    Yes. And the pharmacy companies have some influence om the medicalstand I guess… at least in which drugs to prefer. I also get treatment to my lower back as I have backproblems aswell. Ny naprapat har for med om ny bil, and hipbenders. I am soooo much better now that before. I ask him why my docter just prescribe me more pills and does notting to work with the problemarea, and he says that few docters know about this problem. Many physiotherapists does not know aswell. I agree with him because I’ve had backproblems since I was 16 and have been to several physiotherapists. None have been able to help me like him. I fermely believe that his knowledge of both bones and muscles, and his view of the body as a whole, is what makes him able to actually help.

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