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My Neurologist is Leaving

I’ve had the same Neurologist for over 10 years. She’s been wonderful and we’ve developed a very close bond. I’ve tried every medication, treatment, injection etc except for actual surgery. Now she is leaving the practice to go do global research for migraines which is wonderful for her and the migraine community but horrible for me.

My problem is that I don’t really like anyone else at the practice. And the thought of finding a new neuro and going through this whole process again has heightened my anxiety and depression to levels I haven’t dealt with in a while.

Has anyone else gone through this and how did you handle? I’m also located in the tristate area. So any suggestions of doctors would be helpful. I feel like I’m going through a break up of a marriage. It’s awful. Chronic migraine sufferer with anxiety and depression for 10+ years. 25-28 migraines a month. Thank you!

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  • glassmind
    3 weeks ago

    I second asking your current doc for a recommendation. She may know of a good provider aat another practice. Also, contact the Patient Advocate Services with your health care provider or a community health service organization to help you in finding a new provider. This way you can outsource some of the legwork, reduce your stress, and have a source of support during the transition

    Respect your anxiety and practice extra self-care to treat that and seek professional therapies if needed. Treating the anxiety itself will help making the provider search easier.

    Best to you as find your next great doctor!

  • Delaney1120
    4 weeks ago

    Sorry to hear you have to change doctors. I hate those times.

    I am from Indiana and have had the same doctor for 22 years. I moved to Florida about 10 years ago, tried to find a new doctor for my migraines I had had for over 20 years (thirty now). It was the worse mistake ever.

    I went back to my doctor in Indiana explained the situation. He allowed me to go back to his practice. And I only have to fly to Indianapolis from Florida one time a year. I also can talk directly to him through the IU portal.

    I would be happy to share his information with you. Yes you would have to fly in to see him but with Southwest, my flight and rental car are less than $300 round trip. Well worth the price of one of the top neurologist at Indiana University hospital.

    I will also pray for your migraines. I am on day two of a really bad one. I try to remember God has a reason for everything, even these horrible migraines. Doesn’t mean He is not going to get an ear full when I get there, lol..

    In Christ,

  • Allyson.Ellis moderator
    4 weeks ago

    I hear how overwhelming and scary this is for you, mbabi1970. It is so hard when beloved, trusted doctors move on from the area or retire, forcing the dreaded doctor search. After having such a good relationship with you neurologist, I can understand your anxiety over finding another one who will treat you with the compassion and respect of your current neurologist. Do you have a counselor or therapist who works with you on tips and techniques for managing how anxiety and depression manifests for you? If you do not have one currently, given the uptick in your symptoms, you may find benefit from (re)establishing a counseling relationship to support you as you embark on the journey of finding a new neurologist. While this article focuses on a doctor’s retirement, I thought you could relate to the sentiments expressed, given your doctor’s leaving bears emotional and practical similarities. I also encourage you to read through the comments at the end of the article to find support and ideas from others who have gone through this kind of situation.

    Knowing you as she does and given her (likely) large network as she heads into the research field, would your doctor possibly have a recommendation for someone that might be a good fit for you, even if they are not in the current practice? You might be able to have a good conversation with her about what you need, why you do not feel her current colleagues fit that description, and see what she recommends. I hope in time you will find someone to entrust with your migraine care. Please keep us posted on your process. Wishing you a gentle day. ~Allyson ( team)

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