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Never a Dull Moment

About 6 or 7 years ago, I remember being completely healthy and normal. No constant pain or anything. I was fine and doing great. Loved school and partaking in many activities, having lots of friends to hang with after school, and feeling free. On top of that, it was awesome having a good relationship with God and enjoying my life to the fullest. I was also a very determined young lady who was brave, very positive and a role model to others. In everything I did, I made sure I did my absolute best and enjoyed challenges.

And now, I am a different person due to all the time since then that has passed. I got struck with constant migraine and for years it was a silent secret until it hit a severe turn. I was and am enduring alot. Also, facing a self crisis constantly where i know I can’t even even do half the things I used to do nor be who I used to be. But the person I am despite the pain is someone I admire and I think I am doing the best that any person could do despite this condition.

I may not be able to drive but a few miles, or forget things short term, or look distracted, always tired, or do any of the things a young person would experience but its ok. I will survive. I remind myself that I am a good friend, good daughter and person and everyday is me pushing forward and holding on to this dear life. So no matter how gloomy and tough the road can get, I will keep going. I will love. I will forgive. And I will look at myself in God’s eyes.

Those who don’t understand, don’t have to. But I am me and I appreciate all those who at least can try to understand. Even if you can’t possibly imagine being in my shoes or in the shoes of any migraineur, or any condition, both visible and visible to the human eye just have some understanding.

So please, as someone in pain speaking to you, don’t give up, and keep trudging forward and remember that you are someone precious who is loved by God who sees all.

Keyla Luna

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  • norawright-kiefer
    4 years ago

    Thank you for your inspirational words. As a fellow migraine suffer. I feel so alone sometimes. My children are grown and our friends are gone. Thank goodness I have a wonderful understanding husband that always understands me and my migraines.

  • sandramhill
    6 years ago

    Wow Keyla, your words really touched me. I hope to be more like you on my tough days. Only a person that has a personal relationship with God can be this strong. Your faith in God somehow helps me. Thank you, God bless you, I’m praying for you. Sandy

  • Keyla author
    6 years ago

    Hello Sandy! I’m glad my story has helped you and I just try my best everyday and try to be the best me I can be. It’s all we can ask for and God is in control. And thankfully with this website we can find support in others and hope sprinkled with encouragement. I will pray for you too and I could use your prayers also. It’s certainly not easy to live life with any type of hindrances but we can make it. Even days we feel like giving up, it’s ok and we are human but we keep going. I think God knows us so well that even when we fail or failing in trying, he knows our hearts and will give us the strength we need. Hang in there ok 🙂

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