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New sympton?!!?!?!?!?!?

A scary feeling is going through the day and not remembering anything i even had a drs appointment that day that i have no memory of. All I knew was I woke up wednesday night, thinking i forgot to go to the dr. On thursday morning, i mentioned it to my fiance and he stated “you did go to the dr” as he kissed me and walked out to go to work. I spent the morning trying to remember the day before, I rememberd nothing At all.

I found out some info from the drs office and on Friday a friend picked up my prescription(s) from the pharmacy and there was a strange medication that I did not recognize. On Monday i found out that i went on about my day as usual. having regular conversation with my future mother in law and walking my dogs on their regular morning walk. The only thing anyone said that was different is that they say i was kinda loopy and I slept from Wednesday around noon until Thursday morning 6am. My drs office said that we will consider this as one of the symptoms of my migraines. does my migraines cause everything?

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  • Momwoneson
    2 years ago

    I’ve had migraines since before 1990, chronically since 2004, in my earlier days when i didn’t realize that wind was a trigger and exacerbated my headaches, i spent an entire day with my roommate in NYC until the bars closed. It was one of my worst migraines i have had. I have no idea what happened that day, I vaguely know where we went and i have some visual snapshots, but the day is a mostly blank. I’ve had similar incidences since then, and there have been many times where i would not remember how i got to work, once my migraines became chronic. As far as migraine symptoms I am constantly learning new symptoms and explanations. My theory (this isn’t proven or doctors advice) is that your brain has a finite anmount of power and capacity and when it’s struggling to function, fight the migraine and cope with your paina it’s maxed out, so it has to pick something to leave out and memory is a non-critical function, so it diverts power away from there. That’s just my thought…

  • KarenE
    2 years ago

    I have lost entire days, where I literally cannot remember anything that happened on a particular day. I have forgotten conversations. I’ve forgotten that I’ve attended events. And, like you, I have gone to appointments and then have had no recollection of having done so.

    I have had migraines since I was a child, and have been disabled with chronic migraines for the past 11 years. My episodes of total memory loss began about three years ago, and they have gotten worse and more frequent over time. I have even asked my physician to test me for early onset dementia, but he doesn’t think it’s necessary. I’m 59, and I don’t know if the forgetfulness is due to migraine or something else.

  • Luna
    2 years ago

    Migraine causes many different symptoms. The ever changing landscape of my life. A couple of items that might interest you.

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