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New to Migraines

I have always been very healthy, the last time I was even sick was 3 yrs ago with the flu. I have never had an issue with headaches but last July I had one that had been on going for about 3 weeks.

Then started experiencing numbness down the left side of my arm, kind of panic thinking maybe a heart attack of something. It was a day before my 45 birthday. They said I was just having a migraine because of hormonal changes happening in my body. So since then I had been having them about 3 – 5 days a month, always on my left side of my head, pretty tough to handle, I’m dizzy and would like to vomit but don’t.

But last month I’ve had 3 attacks, barely a week apart lasting 5 days, 9 days then 7 days. Starting to really get me down. Finally broke down and went for meds, and am going in for a MRI today.

Is it common to start getting them so late in life?

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  • Cathy Ashenfelter Christensen
    7 years ago

    When I got a migraine in the hospital after surgery at age 48, I originally thought that this was my first one also. They progressively became more frequent and lasting longer, similar to what you describe. You are doing the best thing you can do for yourself and that’s seeking treatment to help you! The MRI will rule out any reasons for the migraines. I discovered through this site that my migraines started farther back, probably in early childhood I just never recognized what I had been experiencing was a mild migraine. Then, something with my surgery jolted them alive and way too active. I see a great Neurologist and a Nurse Practitioner (who came from a headache clinic). I take preventative meds (recently changed as they became ineffective) and Imitrex to take when I get one. I’m 51 (almost 52) now. I hope you are getting good treatment and some relief. Know that you are not alone, there are so many others of us out here to listen and understand.

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