Not just a headache

Last updated: September 2013

I began getting my "headaches" in my early teens. I did not find out they were migraines until my 30s. My triggers are smoke, exhaust from cars and trucks, barametric pressure changes, smells, and loud sounds, too much sleep. I like Nora, vomit for hours until I am vomitting bile. I am sure I am going to stroke or something the pain is so excruciating when I vomit. I also went through tests, not to Nora's extent.

The only option that I was given was a triptan and phenergan for nausea. Triptans are not an option for me as my reactions are severe and triptans and ssris should not be mixed on a regular basisl.

For most of my 30s I was in bed with 3-4 migraines a week, some would last 2 into 3 days. Like anyone else with chronic pain, you are labled by many, pharmacists, ER docs, doc office nurses, not to mention all those who get "headaches" and they just keep going, or those who don't get "headaches", God bless them. Mine actually stopped for a period of approximately 3 years and are beginning again.

Before signing off, beside auras, I also know that I am getting migraines when my lips turn blue and my nose gets very cold. Does this happen to anyone else?


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