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Old Man Migraines

Your stories have been largely about women, teens or children. I think that it should be remembered that many men also have migraines.

I am in my sixties. I have had migraines since I was 7 or 8. For the first 30 years or so, my head pain was attributed to overworking or mental problems. I took Tylenol so much that I can not take it because it rebounds. Also I cannot take any naproxen, ibupropron, or aspirin, because taking so much of it earlier has damaged my kidneys.

It was ironically a good day when I finally got diagnosed as having migraines. I began taking the prescription medication which helped. Also I have tried many of the medications that prevent them, but I have had bad complications from them. The number of migraines I have each month have increased and now I have migraines about 2/3 of each month.

I understand the unique problems of women with migraines, but please do not forget that men get them too.

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  • Ron B
    4 years ago

    It’s good to hear another older male perspective on migraines. I’m 58 and have had them since I was 11. They’ve become chronic in the past few years. I feel lucky is I go 2 days without one.

  • Luna
    5 years ago

    Migraines in my family came from my father’s side. Don’t remember him having them but he left when I was 13. His brothers have migraines. The youngest past them on to his son. Saw two male friends today. One (70) has episodic migraines and the other (50) has chronic migraines and has applied for disability. Not many males post here but they certainly are welcome.

  • Katie M. Golden moderator
    5 years ago

    So glad you shared your story! You are absolutely right, men get Migraines too! Men are more prone to get Cluster Migraines than women.

    Here’s a great article from this year’s American Headache Society Conference about how men and women experience Migraines differently.

    Thanks again. We love having a man’s perspective!
    -Katie Moderator

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