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It’s winning

I can’t keep doing this the migraine comes one after the other after the other. I have had enough I don’t know what to do now. I am on botox home oxygen everything and it’s just so bad now. I know I am heading for the hospital but I can’t do that either. It’s just hopeless now. The pain is so bad. I can’t eat and barely keep fluids in so that’s why the hospital. i just can’t get a hold of it and I am so tired

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  • Justamy
    5 years ago

    Gosh, go to the hospital and get this under control. I wonder what meds you are on for migraines. If you are like me, a lot of them. If you are at the end if your rope, order Heal Your Headache and read, read, read. It might be the only thing that saved my life. Really. I stopped taking triptans and pain killers with caffeine. I only take aleve. I am not headache free, but I am so, so much better. If I were there I would bring you an ice pack. Good luck.

  • Katie M. Golden moderator
    5 years ago

    It is not a sign of weakness if you go to the hospital! You know when it’s time. You’re clearly at the point of exhaustion and are maybe dehydrated too. Some IV meds could be helpful.

    I hope you get relief soon!

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