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14 yrs ago at age 50 starting getting daily migraines out of the blue.

I started having migraines after my son was born 35 years ago. Only had them around menses and ovulation. Cafergot was AWFUL. Then asthma like inhaler came out and it was great but it went off the market due to problems at plant.

Then, at 49, I had very few migraines and thought they were going away at menopause. Then one day I came home with a migraine at the base of my head that never went away. Imitrex did not work and it was not due to MOH as I had used very little the year before. My docs were confused so I just went into a dark room with ice on my head for 7 years until I tried 2 Medronic Neurostim. The first one worked but the lead fell off the wire and they took it down. A year later they put a different hook up buy it never helped.

I finally went on morp for 5 years & was ok. My husband kept it in a lock box. I was up to 500 mg a day but I was functional. Last Nov., I voluntarily went off morp to try the DHE infusion at the Headache Clinic. They put a light sensitive migraineur in a bright room and a beeping stat machine in my dominant arm and everytime I moved it, it it beeped. NO SLEEP, another sensitivity. I came out with worse headaches than before and different ones. No more icepick headaches but a shooting gallery in the back of my head.

I finally had 2 occipital nerve blocks and they calmed down but I was the one to diagnose it as Occipital Neuralgia; the shooting stabbing pains were the clue. Is this similar to Trigeminal Neuralgia? I had no pain control for 7 months & the stress has caused SEVERE muscle pain. I meditate 5 hrs a day. Had a second Botox and that has helped somewhat but still have night sweats and muscle pain. Feel a constant chill all over yet even if I sweat a little I begin to shiver and shake and can’t sleep.

I am going back to a vitamin regimen that once worked but stopped for some reason. Feverfew, B2, Co Q 10, etc. But now I hear that histamine containing foods like milk, yogurt, avocado, chick peas, lentils can cause migraines also. I knew alcohol was bad but not the rest. HELP

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  • Katie M. Golden moderator
    5 years ago

    It is true that histamines can trigger Migraines in some people. One of the ways to figure out if that is a trigger for you is to try the Elimination Diet. Here’s some info:

    Trigeminal and Occipital neuralgia have similar symptoms, but affect different areas of the head. With occipital neuralgia, the pain is typically in the back of the head and neck, while trigeminal affects the front of the head such as around the jaw, cheek, and temples. Nerve blocks and botox can help both conditions. You said you’ve done 2 Botox injections. I’ve heard doctors suggest going through at least 3 rounds before you decide it’s not for you. And the first few times can give you headaches or flu-like symptoms that should eventually subside.

    The vitamins and supplements you mentioned are all great for helping Migraines. If you are interested in any others, this article gives many other alternatives to medications:


  • margaret
    5 years ago

    Laura I am so sorry to hear about all this suffering that you are going through! I honestly can’t even imagine what it must be like for you. The only adivce that I have is what worked for me and that was a acupuncturist that has a special technique that isn’t used anywhere else. You can read this article if you like. Otherwise I just wish you all the best and I know that you will emerge from this dark place. All the best. Margaret

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