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Please Help

Hi everyone Im new to this group and would like some reassurance, Ive only had about 5 migraines since I was 15 now 25 I had one yesterday. I also have been diagnosed with Opticaple Nuroligia. I suffer badly from health anxiety and freaked out on my last migraine attack. From my research I have “classic migraine” where I get shimmering colours in both eyes then I loose my vision in half my left eye, like completely gone. Then 30 mins later comes the head ache. Whilst doing my research I came across something that freaks me out big time having health anxiety. It said the Miagranes with arua can give you a stroke?? Is this true and what are my chances.

Please help

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  • Luna
    2 years ago

    Migraine-related stroke refers to any stroke that occurs in migraineurs [15], and its incidence rate ranges from 1.44/100,000 to 1.7/100,000 persons per year

    Yes, there is a risk but it doesn’t seem very large. Health anxiety is probably just as or more dangerous. Then again driving is rather risky also. Peace.

  • Joanna Bodner moderator
    2 years ago

    Crystalfisher1992, Thank you for reaching out and taking the time to share your story. Let me share some information with you which which discusses stroke and migraine.

    Stroke & Migraine with Aura: Prevention –

    Migraine versus Stroke –

    Hope this helps you out and welcome to our community! We are happy that you found us!
    Take good care & always feel free to reach out.
    -Joanna ( Team)

  • Crystalfisher1992 author
    2 years ago

    Will my risk be lower if I rarely have them (approx 5 or 6 in 10 years) and my headache is not severe compared to someone maybe who has them frequently and more sever?

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