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Last updated: December 2013

Don't know where to start.. I have migraine from 7 7 years.. it was hard in the beginning to fix my life with it.. it was easier before until it became stronger.. now I find it's harder.. harder to find my self again.

I used to understand and bear others around.. now I don't care.. I don't want them to bear or I do the same.. I just just don't care. I want it to stop and I want all just to shut up. I take my pills and injections but still pain is there. . Don't want to let me go. I feel colder harsher no emotions and more rude.. tried to explain plenty of time how I feel but yet no ones gets it.. I don't ask them to do so but I need it.. I feel so alone as I'm n the dark and sinking more deeper.

Laughter and joy around but I still can't reach them..

I open this site to not feel isolated... This site and all of you show me I'm not allone.. I don't want to be mean you guys help but I need my people around.. I need their positivity and their push and I'm tired of explaining.. I go to silence and be with me and myself the only temporary relief.
I'm just tierd of solutions and I'm sharing it cause I want to explode and I want to get it out.

Few who gets it and it's hard to fit with new people.. they make me feel alien and overreacting.. and I'm tired to explain.. pretending u r okay is little easier to say what's wrong!!

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