Problems With Doctor's Office Practice

Last updated: October 2020

Last doctor appointment on 7/13 after 2 months of weeding off everything previously prescribed. He had told me the next treatment would be Lithium. At the appointment, he changed his mind and wanted to try the new CGRP Aimovig. As a t1 diabetic, needles don't bother me. He did not write my name and birthday across the top of the paperwork faxed to Aimovig for my 2 free doses. I left messages with receptionist and/or office manager every day. Had to call Aimovig to see if the office had corrected the paperwork.

My head hurts, I hate being on the phone. Finally today the corrected paperwork arrived, but it had the wrong dosage on it! Dr. wanted me to start at 140 mg a month. Each vial is 70 mg, so dosage would be 2 vials. Aimovig is offering 2 free doses. If I fill it as 70 mg, I will only get one free dose. I call dr. office back to correct paperwork again, and please not take another 3 weeks. I'm so angry. I've had this headache since 2/19/2014 when I woke up at 3am with a "spike through my head". I've been with this 3rd dr for 1.5 yrs. Each treatment/drug change would be 2 or three months.

If this Aimovig is my miracle drug, I want it NOW! I've considered reporting him/his staff to state medical board as 3 weeks to fix a piece of paper is, to me, unacceptable. But, I don't want to piss him off. Any suggestions/advice?

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