St-Louis Migraine Support Network is born

Last updated: October 2012

In 1982 my headaches began, monthly first and in time weekly and now daily. At 56 years old, the headaches are so severe, I can no longer seek gainful employment.

I felt isolated, frustrated and depressed. Someone out there must understand the challenges of daily chronic pain. It was time to do some homework. I was delighted to find so many resources on the internet, but still longed for local support...and so St. Louis Migraine Support Network was born.

Within the last month, 12 members have joined. I have posted posters and handed out flyers at the NHF seminar. My phone number is on everything, so that support is just a phone call away. My first actual meeting will be on April 27th. This is my calling in life. Providing the one thing you can't get on the web...hugs.

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