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Staying on Fioricet with codeine

I have been taking this med for over 20 years. I went thru a hospital stay and both that dr and my primary agree this is what works. With the new opiate crackdown, which is really for oxy, who can override these orders to doctors to stop scripts? I am a 63 year old adult. I do not take more tha prescribed and I certainly don’t sell. Who can I make understand that this is what works. Please help

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  • RobinfromCA
    1 year ago

    I took Fioricet for almost 20 years as well and it worked but I was getting more and more headaches. Last year I went to a neurologist who specializes in headaches for the first time. The first thing she did was take away the Fioricet. She said it’s one of the worst things for migraines because it causes rebound headaches. She said she wished primary doctors would stop prescribing it for their patients with migraines because it’s only making them worse in the long run. I went from episodic migraine to chronic during those years. It took me a month of no Fioricet and no over the counter pain meds of any kind to get clear of the effects. Now I realize the triptans work far better. I’m still chronic but at least I know when I really have a headache instead of drugging myself into one.

  • pjjere
    1 year ago

    My GP prescribed Fioricet roughly 5 years ago and in 50+ years of migraine (jagged lines, blurred vision, pain, vomiting, etc) it is THE ONLY thing that has helped. I have tried every triptan in the book to no avail. The rub is the GP went private and I couldn’t afford his price. My new doctor will not prescribe fioricet and told me to try Maxalt. I am going back tomorrow to see if he will refer me to a pain management specialist. Just wanted to let you know I can relate and hope we both can find relief.

  • manwithmigraine
    1 year ago

    Fioricet is being PULLED from the MARKET in Europe per The Clearwater NeuroSciences Clinic in Clearwater, FL.

    I went there as it is my regular Neuro. I have others as well but the Dr. I usually see was on vacation. I was interviewded and told taht FIORCET was being pulled in Europe due to REBOUND HEADACHES.

    I feel as a life long Chronic Migraine sufferer. “Familiar Hemipalegic”—that there must be a NEW more profitable drug in circulation.

    So, yes, the opioid type 2 crackdown is in effect I personally believe.

    I also have ADHD and my DextroMethamphetamine orders are a nightmare to fill. I had to go through hell and scrutiny by the Pharmacist.

  • MeredithM
    1 year ago

    This is one med that still helps me after 10+ years as well. My neuro just reminds me not to take more than 3 days in a row, like most migraine abortives, or it can cause rebound headaches. This is a very old and cheap drug but recently stopped being covered by my insurance, $45-60 for 20 capsules. Is the “opioid crackdown” to blame???

  • Luna
    1 year ago

    If your doctor writes the script the pharmacy should fill it or find a pharmacy that will.
    This is an interesting google search “chronic pain patients class action lawsuit”

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