Strange turn of events

Last updated: January 2013

For six months, I suffered from migraines, 5-6 days a week. I was miserable.

Thought I had a stroke in July and it spiraled out of control from there. I then tried Botox on November 8. Still felt cruddy. Just when I though things couldn't get worse, I was wrong. November 28 I ended up in ICU with a blood clot in my leg and both of my lungs. Since I have been on blood thinners, my migraines are better.

My docs do not think there is a correlation, but, I really think there is. I have had two or three migraines since getting out of the hospital, which have been totally manageable with maxalt. I also take my prevention medicine. It is really weird how this turned out , and I consider myself lucky to be alive. I have a clotting disorder that I never knew I had. I haven't seen my neurologist yet and I will be curious to see what he has to say.

Hope to stay well now!

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