14 Year Suffer of Sinus Migraine

Last updated: January 2013

I never had headaches as a kid. It all started after my 4th Sinus Surgery I stared having these really intense sinus/regular migraines. The pain, fatigue, my attitude, my outlook on life have changed me not for the better. I am in some kind of sinus pain EVERYDAY, it ranges in intensity. The one I have now has been really severe for the past 13 days. I'm at wits end. I've been to allergist, Ear, Nose and Throat specialist, various Neurologists. I've tried all the medication even tried Botox, chiropractic, acupuncture and nothing helps. It actually seems they get worse with the colder weather too. Codeine and Tylenol 3 doesn't help. Sleep doesn't help. So I am trying to get into John Hopkins Headache Center to see if they have anything. All the other doctors I have seen have given up hope. Do you know what it's like for you to hear doctors say over and over they can't do anything. Another surgery is definitely not the answer!!! So I just heard back from John Hopkins, they want me to see a Neurologist about an hour away from where I live and get an MRI, ALL before my scheduled visit with them in AUGUST 2013 (really???). I am trying to get on a waiting list.

I have no hope in life, no dreams, desires I can't even plan to do things because I don't know how bad the pain will be that day. I've become a recluse, I'm lonely.....

I'll be 45 years old next month and have been dealing with this since my late 20's. My memory is horrible, I've totally lost my 30's. I'm out of work a lot due to the pain, I've lost jobs due to being out so much and really have no expectations with my current job. I’ve lost long time friends too. I've been denied disability since I can somewhat function.

This is not a life I live but an existence... and it sucks... I'm getting so tired of it. John Hopkins is a last ditch effort. I did also go to Penn University with no luck. My MRI/CAT scans all come back normal and that is what they go by.

Just sharing my story. I wish the best to all others who suffer that one day they will find something that helps them.


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