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The Chronic Migraine

I have had Migraines my entire life but they became chronic in 2007. I live in Saskatchewan, Canada. There is really no Migraine community here. Most Doctors just shove Preventative medication after Preventative medication down your throat. Guess what they did not work! A lot of Doctor’s don’t believe you they figure you are faking (been through family and friends that think I am faking the Migraines.

I gained weight;chemical imbalance; Several 6 neurologists cat scans 6 MRI”S, have not really been able to find out anything really that is causing these Migraines! I have tried a lot of alternative therapy ultra sound dry needling, acupuncture, diet, talking to someone; exercising several different vitamins; migraine pain killers that do not work and they are extremely expensive; several different pain rubs; ice darkness alones. those are just the few off the top of my head.

Employment opportunities are not available because employers figure that I am lying. They feel that I just don not want to work.

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  • chaselife
    2 years ago

    Angela, I lived in Saskatoon, moved 25 years ago to Kelowna BC. I am your story!
    It has not gone well. We need headache specialist. Nothing else will be able to help. Spent 25 years, lost everything to this disease. No help, just worse. I am 55 and worse than when it started at 30. I was a good patient. Gobbled their drugs, poisons, natural stuff, shrinks, Zero help, good luck, I mean this for you.

  • JR
    2 years ago

    Angela , I know just what you mean I spent 22 years in the Marine Corps & all I got was a Migraine/Cluster headaches from the 1st gulf war. Try going to a job Interview with sunglasses on because I can’t take the lights??? 5 Neurologists 4 MRI’S & 2 CAT scans, I have tried Acupuncture, Botox & every anti depressant or anti-psychotic & all other Migraine Blockers?? To no avail. Most doctors just thing I’m trying to get drugs for pain, But I wouldn’t wish these on the worst doctors!!!

  • Luna
    2 years ago

    “cat scans 6 MRI”S,” These tests only rule out other causes of symptoms they do not show migraine. Maybe these articles will help you understand better.

  • DonnaFA moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi Luna, thanks so much for sharing. These articles may also be helpful, both How is Migraine diagnosed? and other articles in our Migraine FAQ series. Thanks for being here and sharing your support and knowledge! -Warmly, Donna ( team)

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