The helpless migraine

I just can’t describe it… I’m just so…so defeated, tired, restless, angry, confused, frustrated, did I mention tired and HELPLESS! Helpless is probably the one and only one that makes living with chronic migraines so difficult for me. I’ve been down in my life and I’ve been up but I’ve always learned from both situations and came out a better person. This though, this has turned my world upside down. I don’t know which direction is right from left from one hour to the next. It’s like I’m living someone else’s life or I’m in a dream and can’t wake up. I’m so foggy I don’t know what to do… helpless! Helpless is the one that’s the hardest to live with.

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  • Hope and a Prayer
    3 years ago

    The feeling of helplessness is defeating and miserable and I can understand why chronic migraine can make you feel that way. But, to be helpless means that there is nothing we can do to make our situation better or easier and you have done some things: you reached out to this community and got support, and you made an appointment with a specialist (and I imagine you have done many other things as well). I find it important to remind myself of the efforts I have made and making to live the best life I can with chronic migraine because, if I don’t do this, I begin to feel powerless and despondent. I also need to remember that feelings don;t always correlate to the truth. You can’t you cure migraine but that doesn’t make you a helpless wimp – you’re a warrior!

  • Hope and a Prayer
    3 years ago

    ps sorry for the typos – migraine brain …

  • Erin
    3 years ago

    I feel so much for you. Helpless, and angry feelings I’m getting much to acquainted with. I had a horrible, humiliating experience just one night ago. I was called a junkie to my face by the Nurse Practice who was supposed to be helping me because I have debilitating chronic migraines. I hope you find relief soon. Hang in there.

  • 3 years ago

    Dear Migraine as usual, Joanna’s blog links are excellent to encourage you and give you some means of relieving the chronic pain. I hope the specialist, you will see in July, can provide you with a medication to help with the frequency and intensity of your migraines. As Joanna said, there are a lot of combinations to try. I would share what has helped me, but if it is something you have already tried, you would be discouraged. Keep educating yourself, when you can. Sincerely, jcanchor

  • Joanna Bodner moderator
    3 years ago

    Hi Migraine as usual,

    I am SO sorry to hear you are experiencing this and have such tremendous difficulty. I truly hope you may be experiencing some relief since posting this story?? In case these articles may provide you with some ideas of managing pain & symptoms that you may not have considered, I thought I share: and
    Please always feel free to reach out and again…hope you are feeling a bit better now! Hang in there and know that we are thinking of you and always here for you.
    Joanna ( Team)

  • Hope and a Prayer
    3 years ago

    Thank you for sharing these articles, Joanna. I hope that Migraine As Usual finds them as helpful and hopeful as I do.

  • Migraine as usual! author
    3 years ago

    Thank you, having support from a team like yours and a place to find others like me where I can also release my feelings is sometimes just what you need. I’m waiting to see another specialist in July but it can’t get here soon enough. Daily life is becoming more difficult every day but my family is here to support me, so one day at a time. One day!

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