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The time of my life??

I need some serious advice from chronic sufferers. I am new to the chronic category. Fresh this year. I’ve been episodic my whole life but for some reason I changed. I’m trying all the treatments I can, most don’t work. Botox is fair. Tried all the pills, injections, patches. Depression has gotten the best of me. I still work full time because I have no choice, but I miss a lot. But I have zero personal life because work is all the sensory overload I can handle and more.
My point? All my adult life I have celebrated my bday with my girlfriends on a weekend getaway at the beach. And for years we planned this year THIS year my big 40 to go to Vegas. Part of me is seriously in denial. I can’t give it up. I’ve been planning this last hurrah for years. I’ve been reading all the vacation posts but I can barely go out to a restaurant right now. I need someone in MY shoes to talk sense to me. My friends are understanding that’s not the problem, it’s me. I am still haven’t such a hard time letting go of the life I had.

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  • Kinga
    3 years ago

    Hi Crystal,

    my “pattern” changed when i got 30 (almost 5 years ago). From few (4-5) attacks a year it changed into 2 a month. At the beginning i felt completely overwhelmed. Betrayed by my body which suddenly started playing dirty tricks on me, evidently related to hormone levels.
    I tried desperately to find some way of winning against my problem — few months of each: hormonal therapy with different pills, acupuncture, massages, chinese herbs, gluten-free diet, high doses of magnesium and ryboflavin, chiropractor’s help…
    Finally now i know that most of the time my migraines will come on the slow-down moments (especially after stressful weeks), before and after menstruation and I know it for a fact that the sooner i take the pill the better it may work (currently rizatriptanum 10mg). Tomorrow i’m starting next try at prophylaxis with propranololi (beta-blocker).
    What i’m getting at is that… sadly, i think there is no magical way/pill/exercise/place that will simply help you. I think (from my experience) that it will be a combination of many factors. And probably also for you it will be hit-and-miss path, and probably you will have to make “few” compromises along the way.
    Hopefully your 40th birthday will NOT be one of them!

    All the best,

  • Joanna Bodner moderator
    3 years ago

    Hi Crystal, Thank you for taking the time to share your story. Unfortunately migraine patterns and triggers can change greatly over time. We highly recommend speaking to your doctor if you have not done so already regarding these changes. You are certainly not alone when it comes to dealing with managing work, relationships/social life and overall pain management and symptoms from migraine. We have many articles relating to these topics that I thought you might find helpful and have included a link to below.




    We sincerely wish you all the best navigating these disruptive lifestyle changes you are being forced to deal with. Please keep us posted on how you are doing and especially if you decide to take that big Vegas trip for your 40th!! All the best to you, Joanna (

  • Crystal author
    3 years ago

    Thank you for your support Joanna, I look forward to reading these.

  • Joanna Bodner moderator
    3 years ago

    No problem…always feel free to share! Hope you are having a nice weekend.

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