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Thoughts during a migraine…

Thoughts during a migraine…

Is this one bad enough to take my abortive medicine?
How many abortive pills do I have left this month anyway?
When can I get my prescription for the abortive refilled?
Have I already waited too late to take the abortive?
Why is my brain vibrating inside my skull?
Is this migraine my fault?
Did I eat/drink/smell/do something I shouldn’t have?
Should I put my hair in a ponytail, because I can’t stand the feeling of it on my neck?
Should I leave it loose, because getting one hair pulled too tight might push me over the edge?
Or should I maybe just shave my entire head?
Who replaced all the bulbs in my house with halogen lamps?
Why is everyone around me shouting?
Does everything look blurry or doubled up to the people around me?
Will someone please warm up my heating pad in the microwave?
Why the hell can’t my family members push cancel on the microwave so those four beeps won’t demolish my brain?
What’s the exchange policy on brains?
Is the person I love most going to leave me because I barely contribute anything to this relationship?
What if the pain keeps coming back after the medicine wears off?
Are my children only going to remember me as that person on the sofa in the dark?
Would it feel better to vomit or just be nauseous?
Do people think I’m a faker or a hypochondriac?
Is it safer for me to crawl from the bathroom back to bed after the fourth trip in an hour?
Why can’t anyone fix this hell?
Is the rest of my life going to be like this?

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  • Tedsma
    2 years ago

    I loved this! Not only did it resonate with me, but it was also written like a poem (or at least I read it that way!). This week is tough for me. We’re having weather in Nevada so I’ll likely be migraining all week.

  • sparker96 author
    2 years ago

    Thank you. I used to write poetry, before migraines, so it really pleases me that it came across that way to you. I hope you get some real relief soon.

  • Colleen Meegan
    2 years ago

    Your experience is totally mine. I have vomited at times, praying to die. I’m 65 now, so they’re no so frequent, but when they come: POW! I resort to the same old tricks, even aromatherapy (lavender does soothe me a bit). Anyway to all the migraineurs & migraineuses, always know you are not alone: even if those around you don’t understand.

  • Kristy
    2 years ago

    Nice to know I am not alone. I panic too at the the thought of being low on meds, or which to take. Scramble for my ice pack, double up with a pillow on top of that. If I can watch TV, my trick is to watch it in the mirror across the room and then it’s not so bright. I worry about things I am not doing when will I ever get to them will my husband ever forgive me. My son now 16 raising himself occasionally checks in on me, I am missing out on life. I am depressed alot. I look like a ghost from no sunlight, starting to actually feel like a vampire. I do want to check out the complete brain transplant. I think my dog is even frustrated with me. It’s hard just not knowing when you will get back up again to function and for how long. Oh and I have long hair, all my life…wearing me out..I get these pains in the cracks of my skull, not sure why. I think my head is splitting. But some days I do want to shave my head.

  • sparker96 author
    2 years ago

    I’m glad I might have helped you feel a little less alone. I spend almost all of my time indoors with the blinds/curtains closed. I think that’s what led to my Vitamin D deficiency. Now I take a supplement prescribed by my doctor and OTC B vitamins. It might be worth checking with your doctor. I hope you have pain free days soon!

  • Kimwal
    2 years ago

    This is so me!!!!!!!! I will go into a full blown panic attack if I think I’m running out of meds before refill time.
    I also worry that my kids will only remember their Mother lying down in the dark room with “another” migraine.
    Regarding hair. Cannot have bangs that touch my eyebrows. Starts a massive migraine.
    Last night I told my husband he needed to figure out the settings on my new tv because it was way to bright .
    One more thing. Why do old ladies have to bathe in perfume ???

  • sparker96 author
    2 years ago

    Perfume, cologne, air fresheners, etc. are my arch enemies. I avoid going to church, concerts, or other places where I can’t easily move away from scents (and sounds) whenever possible.

  • Joanna Bodner moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi Kimwal,
    You certainly express SO MANY sentiments shared by so many in this community! I am happy to hear however that this article resonated with you! Always reassuring to know you are not alone in having these thoughts! Thanks for sharing. -Joanna ( Team)

  • DonnaFA moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi sparker96, please know you’re not alone, my inner dialogue often contains many of the same questions, and I’m sure many other members would concur. Please know that we’re always here to share support or just a friendly ear.

    Thanks for being a member of the community. -Warmly, Donna ( team)

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