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Transdermal Magnesium Therapy – Excellent Results

It’s been two years since I’ve had to go through the hours long unbearable migraine. Complete with vomiting, numbness, hyper-ventilating etc.

I started using magnesium oil 2X per day and no longer do I have that constant threat of a migraine hanging over my right-eye. It’s a miracle.

I now make my own, using Ancient Secrets magnesium chloride flakes and unscented vege based lotion. It has helped my over all health and well being considerably. Sleep has improved and it’s heavenly on sore feet after a hard days work.

It’s called oil, because when mixed with water, it feels like oil, but it’s not and won’t stain your clothes.

Most health food stores carry it, but I would advise not using the brand made in Salt Lake City – as it has traces of mercury. Stick with the brands that come from the sea beds in the Netherlands. If you decide to make your own, the flakes are only available on the Internet. A one LB bag will last a very long time.

Make this part of your daily routine – AM/PM – it may sting a bit especially on dry legs, which is why I made lotion vs spray. I rub on shoulders, neck, thin skin areas.

Hope it helps

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  • MagnesiumMigraine
    2 years ago

    Hi darlinkiko have you tried taking Mg orally or increasing it in your diet?

  • Ellen Schnakenberg
    6 years ago

    Another option is easier and might also be effective.

    Many patients get a lot of relief laying in a bathtub filled with warm water. Add some epsom salts (magnesium) to the hot water and relax. Doing this daily is a pleasure for most, and can be very helpful for sleep.

    I personally think that magnesium massages (basically what DarlinKiko is talking about here) are wonderful. Just thought it might be good to talk about a more common option.

    Mag has been a topic of a lot of our discussions here. Would you like to read more about it?

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  • AmyBabee
    6 years ago

    Thanks for the info but whats the recipe? You just add water and be on your merry way, so to speak?

  • DarlinKiko author
    6 years ago

    Pretty much…if you buy it already made it’s like water and it’s sprayed, but I like to make mine thicker with unscented lotion.

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