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Which type of meds help you?

I’ve endured migraine with aura for many years. When they began (at age 28) the only Rx available only made me sicker. Usually, they contained ergotamine to constrict blood vessels. But nowadays they say it may be more of a neurological problem, rather than circulatory. Anyway, am done with migraine meds and all I take is codeine and Fiorinal. These don’t erase the pain but definitely make it bearable. Please tell me what helps you.

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  • clairenicole
    3 years ago

    I really like the immitrex, tramadol, zofran shot combo at the clinic that I get. I am going to try giving myself a shot of imitrex when I get home today which scares me but the imitrex with the zofran really helps me.

    I’m taking propanolol daily and that helps but really has some bad side effects if I get into too high of a dose. I’ve had to back down from it.

    I have fioricet for abortive measures but I don’t really know if it works. I think it does sometimes but others I won’t even take it because it seems like a waste of abortive meds.

    Essential oils really help me a lot with the more minor migraines and don’t count against the 2 abortive med days I can have a week.

    That is about all I have found that helps as far as meds go. I do know that sleep, darkness, and food help me tremendously.

  • DonnaFA moderator
    3 years ago

    Hi Claire! Thanks so much for being here and for sharing your thoughts and experience with us. -All Best, Donna ( team)

  • billie14
    3 years ago

    When I could no longer access midrin years ago fiorinal was my only option at the time. It worked wonderful. But for me there was a drawback. For one I did not realize it was a barbiturate and you really need to be careful as to how often you take it. It can be very habit forming. I now found maxalt. The rest of the imitrex type meds gave me horrible side effects. However I only get a few pills a month and I wake to one daily and it can be a 6 or off the scales. I have had a lifetime with them and I am now 65 so I have had a lot of experience including family members with migraines in my history. I have gotten much help from in diet and types of migraines. I was very surprised when I found that butterbur and b2 were out of every preventative med my insurance would pay for actually has helped.

  • DonnaFA moderator
    3 years ago

    Hi billie14, thanks for your very kind words. We’re so happy to hear that you have found some useful information here. WE’re always here to share information and support, stop by anytime! -All Best, Donna ( team)

  • Headquarter
    3 years ago

    I have 60 years I began the migrane about the same age of you. My medication is similar but at the beginning of my migraine i take 1 co maxalt is a triptan and if the maxalt doesn’t work i take the fiorinal with codeine. It’s the only solution for me for take my day. Caution don’t take often because you can have effect rebonds. Take care and have a good day.

  • Karen Christine author
    3 years ago

    Thank you. I have been told not to wait to see if something else works, but to take the meds at the very first sign-like an aura. But may not be your case…just sayin’
    Karen C.

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